Danke! -- Decorative plasters -- Danke! STRUKTUR


Silicone latex plaster, rustic texture

Danke! STRUKTUR, Silicone latex plaster, rustic texture
  • covers the small irregularities of walls
  • it can be applied on all mineral base surfaces: ordinary plasters made of lime-cement, limestone and gypsum float plasters, gypsum-cardboard plates, concrete, etc.
  • weatherproof, resistant to hitting, scratching, temperature changes, chemical factors, pollution

Structura Tencuiala Danke STRUKTUR
Colour: Available in 800 shades of the Spirit of Colour palette
Packing:30 KG
Consumption:0.7-1.8 KG/M2/LAYER
Recommended system: 1 ground layer Fassaden Grund
1 finishing layer Danke! STRUKTUR
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