Coloured varnish for wood 2-in-1

DANKE! LAC 2+1, Coloured varnish for wood 2-in-1
  • recommended for all wooden surfaces from interior to exterior, as well as: exterior doors and windows, wood blinds, garden furniture, chalets, balustrades, fences, etc.
  • resists UV light, is weatherproof, protects against fungi and insects; gives a noble wood aspect; does not peel off

Nuante Danke! LAC 2IN1
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Colour: Available in 6 shades: natural, teak wood, cherry wood, oak wood, Brazilian rosewood, beech wood
Packing:0.75 L, 2.5 L
Consumption:0.076 L/M2/LAYER
Yield:13 M2/L/LAYER
Application:brush, roller or airless spraying
Recommended system: 1 layer Danke! LEMN PROTECT
2 layers DANKE! LAC 2+1
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