OSKAR -- Interior washable paints -- OSKAR Spirit of Color Interior

OSKAR Spirit of Color Interior

Tinting bases for interior

OSKAR Spirit of Color Interior, Tinting bases for interior
  • permanent antibacterial effect due to the Active Silver
  • 1050 colours
  • perfect coverage in 2 layers
  • colour resistant in time
Colour: It is available for computerized colouring in any shade in the Spirit of Colour palette
Packing:2,5L, 10L
Consumption:0,1 L/M2/LAYER
Yield:10  M2/L/LAYER
Application:roller, brush, swab or air-less spraying
Recommended system: 1 layer OSKAR Amorsa ZeroMucegai
2 finishing layers OSKAR Spirit of Color Interior
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